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The digital revolution is here, and its impact can be seen in every industry around the globe. With RPA, humans and Digital Workers are working side by side. Imagine merging human ingenuity with the capabilities of today s Digital Workforce to deliver outcomes with greater speed, agility, efficiency and accuracy.


RPA unlocks the power of the workforce by freeing them up from repetitive work, allowing them to focus on higher value work.

RPA is an emerging technology trend that can emulate transactional, administrative tasks. It works best where the underlying processes are rules-based, repetitive and frequent. RPA can handle large volumes of transactions without having to increase your workforce.

RPA delivers results very quickly, faster than any other technology; weeks instead of months. Apart from the productivity benefits, RPA also improves business process accuracy, compliance, security and enables new business processes not possible by humans alone.

RPA doesn’t require organizations to alter their existing infrastructure and systems as it works alongside existing infrastructure and systems.


Orion has delivered hundreds of successful automations to clients worldwide; from FMCG, Banking and Finance, to Logistics. Real Estate and Health Care. We have delivered projects in 9 countries across all 5 continents. Our strong technical capabilities and RPA expertise address all 360® of automation projects to guarantee sustainable, superior outcomes. Our RPA team consists of over 40 engagement leaders, project managers, business analysts and RPA engineers. We have the ability to scale up according to the client needs. We work on-premise from client offices, using their own development environment and licenses or remotely.

We have partnered with Blue Prism and UiPath to offer their award-winning Robotic Process Automation software.

Orion is the first local company in the Middle East to achieve Blue Prism Silver Delivery certification.



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Banking & Finance


CPG & Retail


Shared Services


Strategy & Enablement

Process Automation Assessment
We conduct multi-departmental and crossfunctional process discovery workshops to assess potential value and to assess automatability of business processes

RPA Service Line Establishment
Leading preparation activities to establish RPA Service Lines across the organization, including developing governance processes & development standards.

RPA Training for Citizen Developers
We offer customized training programs for RPA citizen developers to get them ready to become Blue Prism certified developers

Implementation & Delivery

Factory Delivery Model
Deliver hundreds of automations through program-scale delivery model working on continuous pipeline discovery and requirement documentation across multiple teams & functions and feeding into our global factory delivery team which handles development, testing, validation & deployment of automated processes.

Staff Augmentation Delivery Model
Our certified solution engineers and solution designers can be offered to our clients to work within their Agile delivery teams, leveraging the best practices from Orion’s delivery methodology

Service Operations

L1 Support Services
Monitoring dashboard periodic data refresh, identifying inconsistencies, and performing data reloads where possible to ensure data consistency.

L2 Support Services
Incident root causing, bug fixing, testing and deployment back to production.


Automated Order Processing

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Run Based Maintenance & Cycle Based Maintenance

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Data Extraction and Reporting

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Month End Closing

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Integration with External Web Portals

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RPA Implementation Steps



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